The Top Three Skateboarders In Canada

Skateboarding is a very real sport, so real that it will be a feature in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Many have been able to make a career out of being a professional skateboarder and become not only extremely popular but also role models to many amongst the skateboarding world. There are various professional skateboarders that reside in Canada and to name a few here are the top 3 skateboarders in all of Canada.

Ryan Decenzo

Ryan Decenzo 33 years old and is from Vancouver, British Columbia. His current sponsors are Globe, Bones, Darkstar, OC Ramps, Independent, Hitcase, Kicker, RDS Apparel and Red Bull. His current ranking overall in earnings is 25th in the world with $124,000 in earnings total and has 20,888 points. He is ranked number one in all of Canada. He has made quite the jump in overall rankings as last year he was ranked 227th. To close such a gap in a single year is quite an accomplishment

Micky Papa

Micky Papa is another on this top three list that hails from Vancouver, BC. At just 29 years of age, he is ranked number two in all of Canada and his current sponsors are Venture, Active, Lacorda, Grizzly, Blind, Ricta, Stafly, Switchmode and Adidas. Micky is ranked number 69th in the whole world and comes in with $27,500 in earnings with 11,625 points total leaving him ranked second place in all of Canada. Last year Micky had zero total earnings and only had just over one thousand points so, in the last year, he has made great progression.

Jon Cosentino

Jon Cosentino hails from Toronto, Canada and is 25 years old with sponsors such as Adidas, Bones Swiss, Dakine, Skate Loft, Bones Wheels, CBMK Skatepark, Stance and Element Skateboards. Jon’s current rank overall is eighty-seventh and has total earnings of $1,500 with 9,819 in total points.