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There is a great post that shows how skateboarding groups help others. This is a real encouragement for the sport itself.

Another aspect of skateboarding is being able to video or photograph it. Visitors here will enjoy what we have to say about this.

Then, we have getting started skateboarding, which may help kids, teens or perhaps even adults who are wanting to get into this activity, giving them a break down on what they need to get into skateboarding.

We have the top three skateboarders in Canada; you may be surprised at how their rankings have changed over the last year, making immense improvements.

With skateboarding, there comes a considerable amount of thrills that you can experience through a lot of daring activities. What makes skateboarders keep on going is when they finally commit to scary tricks; they get a high thrill that makes them want to carry on.

Last but not least, we have live streaming skateboarding events, which is extremely popular. Many don’t like to leave the comfort of their own home to watch something that you would usually have to go see in person.

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