How Photographers Capture Skateboarding Events

Photographers have been capturing skateboarders for generations. They often pass their knowledge along the way to help new and upcoming photographers have an easier start when trying to capture skateboarders.

There are many different ways photographers capture skateboarders, whether it be them just sitting or doing a trick as they capture that perfect shot.

Having Experience Using A Camera

This is something that is not a shocker when you see those picture-perfect shots of skateboarders. Having some prior experience with a camera is something that is needed when capturing photos. Knowing what equipment you will need and how to use it properly will help your pictures be the best they can be. It is not as simple as some people think to just pick up a camera and capture a breathtaking photo. You need to have experience and understand how your camera and equipment work and go from there.

Making Sure Your Equipment Is Set Up Accordingly

The way you have your equipment laid out and how you are setting yourself up with the camera will help increase your chances of getting a great photo session. You have to know which direction the skaters will be coming from and where they will be hitting their major tricks to capture it perfectly. It may take a few different tries of setting up your equipment to get it in the right spots, but once you find that sweet spot, you’ll be able to take lots of pictures.

Getting That Picture Perfect Shot

Timing is everything when it comes to photographing skaters, you have to just trust your gut or snap multiple pictures in a row. Getting that perfect shot will make it all worth it, it takes practice in order to know the timing of when to snap that shot or to start the reel of multiple photos leading up to when to trick will be performed.