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The 2012 Whistler Longboard Festival is happy to introduce the Skate X Shoot Presented by Rayne Longboards. The events will happen at the Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) on on July 12, 2012. The morning will consist of a 20km Endurance Race with a $1000 Cash Podium. Later we will tackle the SKateboard Biathlon similar to winter ski biathlon. The Skate + Shoot will test speed, agility, accuracy and stamina. Riders will skate up and down the 10km of looping mountain trailway, but not before making a stop at the target range. No license required, 10 year minimum age and all skill levels welcome. For more info please check out www.longboardfestival.com
EVENT: Skate X Shoot Presented by Rayne on July 12th, 2012