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Ivan Nguyen

Photo: currently trying to find
Alias: Turbo

Birth year: June 12, 1990

Sponsors: Madrid Skateboards, Local 124, Darkspeed Slide Pucks, LBHaven

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Favourite Spot to Sesh: Z-TEST!, SFU, GIANTS HEAD!, BP's, Shit Pins, Colonel S

Gotta Go Before I Die: All the races in Europe, Tuna Canyon, GMR, Mt. Lemmon, Costa Rica, anything that allows a nice view while going fast...

Goals/What's Next: Just a whole lot of fun & skating.

Where Can We Find You: Skating the Z-Test, speeding the bowls at New West Skatepark, or playing
NBA Live.

Shout Outs: My Mom and Dad for diggin' what I do, Local 124 for getting me all started and out, big ups to the MCD crew and the 780 crew REAL TALK! Strike for bein' such a beast with Coast Longboarding... The UNKLE for makin' it happen. Max Erwin and Patrick Switzer for being the raddest dudes ever and Alex Timmer for bein' a real chill bro.

Go To Setup: Nemesis!

Currently Reside: New Westminster

Best Results: 3rd Place at Giants Head

Music: Hip Hop, Metal, Punk, Indie Rock, Electro anything that has a good groove...

How Did You Get Addicted to Bombing? An old friend of mine, Nathan, let me borrow his slide gloves and when I bombed a hill and slide a corner I thought it was fun so kept at it.

Inspirations?: Mike McGoldrick, Scoot, K-Rimes, Dalua, The Sector Nine Dudes, Madrid Crew. These guys run the show.