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Mathew Kroetsch
Alias: Grizz

Birth year: 1982

Sponsors: The Fall Tattoo, Landyachtz, Underworld Skate Shop,

Hometown: Some camp fire in Alberta

Favour spot to sesh: Caufield

Gotta go before I die: Germany,Brazil,New Zealand,Hawaii

Goals/what's next?: Travel... Then i'm going to hit the books and regenerate some brain cells!

Where we can find you: Home, or maybe you'll see me at temple from time to time.

Go to setup: 9two5 custom with the new 840 grizzlies with some fresh 78A zombies.

Currently reside: East Van

Best Results: Do outlaws count?....4th place Vernon 2009, 2nd place Salt Spring Slasher 2010


How did you get into DHskate? I was cruzin the streets downtown Calgary and ran into a couple guys from Calgary! They told me they wouldn't ride with me until I got a helmet.... So I did....

How did you get addicted to bombing? I got sick of city life so I bought a board, pack my things and moved to Waterton Park,AB. Its a resort town in South Western Alberta and it has lots of fun little hills! Gradually worked my way up to this monster of a hill called 'Chief Mountain Rd' with a wedge flex and a helmet ( no gloves, no kneepads, no leathers)... My buddy was tailing me as I was standing up carving and still going 80kph, then i got a couple gnarly speed wobbles that almost gave me a heart attack but yet I was able to stay on my board and ride it out!! After that the adrenaline consumed my body and I was hooked for life!! I still want to go back to that hill and show it what I have learned.

Inspirations? My mom who is constantly putting others needs before her own and without her there would be no me! My dad because he taught me that honesty, integrity, and hard work will lead to happiness, my little brother and all the little groms who push me to be a good example! Oh and anyone who has ever told me I couldn't do it! Yes I can!

Who do you roll with? Whoever is around at the time! I like everybody!

Shout outs: The crew at Landyacthz and Josh at 'The Fall Tattoo on Seymour St and all the talented artists there! Ink is my new addiction!