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George Mackenzie
alias: george-mack

birth year: 1991


Hometown:Calgary AB.

fav spot to sesh: anywhere people are throwing down.

gotta go before i die: Newtons, Brazil, Europe, Kazakstan

goals/what's next?: more skating, more racing, keep growing better and better at what I love to do.

where we can find you: All of the BC races and a couple others over the summer of 010, after that, who knows

go to setup: a mostly flat board with aera trucks

currently reside: Calgary AB

Best Results 1st High Level DH 09, 4th Sully 09

Music: what ever has good vibes


How did you get into DHskate: Skating bike paths all over calgary, realizing how much more fun manoeuvring corners in at higher speeds.

Inspirations: perfect waves and smooth lines

shout outs: mom and dad! unkle, Sectror 9, Aera trucks.