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Mitchel Martin Downie
Photo: Scott Harrison

Birth Year: 1990

Sponsors: Longboard Living and Escapement Surfers

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Current Residence: Squamish, British Columba

Favourite spots to sesh: Russell Hill, Toronto Garages, Cypress Access Road, Local Squamish Runs and Sea to the Sky

Goals/What’s next? Finish university, travel, skate, chill, work and then more school. As well, I plan to keep a good amount of fresh videos coming out.

Where we can find you? When in BC, I can be found at Quest University studying, or on my day off; skating, surfing or behind the lens. As well, from time to time, I can be found at my home base in Toronto.

Go to setup: Race: 2011 Rayne Hellcat, Aera’ and Orangatang and Vicious Grip

Freeride: 2011 Kebbek Max Erwin, Aera’s, Small Wheels and Vicious Grip

Shouts outs: John Barnet, Cam Brickenden, Mischa Chandler, Beef Spank, Adam Winston, Alex Tunner, Ben Kelly and P-Swiss

Music: Hip-Hop/Rap

How did you get addicted to bombing?: I started cruising around in high school with a friend who just happened to live on the top of a local hill. I met some other longboarders around there by chance. These people were the Toronto crew and got me hooked.

Inspirations: Mountains, nature, friends, good times, and road trips in small cars full of skaters.