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Mike Slota

birth year:1994

sponsors:Rayne Longboards, Onethirtythree Skateshop.

Hometown:Gold River, BC

Favour spot to sesh: Giants Head!

Gotta go before i die: Australia, Brazil, Europe...

Goals/what's next?: Progression, Getting better at toe-side standies.

Where we can find you:At most races in BC, or riding around my town!

Go to setup:Rayne Isis, Aera Trucks, Orangatang Wheels.

Currently reside: Courtenay, BC

Best Results:
Danger Bay 9 Open Class - Top 16
Gold Rush 2010 Juniors - 4th
Vernon DH Nor Am Championships Juniors - 3rd
Kelowna Skylands DH - Juniors - 1st

Music?: Dub-step, Rap, Reggae, Hip-Hop...

How did you get into DHskate? My friend Malcolm had a longboard and after trying his i HAD to get one!

How did you get addicted to bombing? Well... after riding down some big hills I realized i had a need for speed and couldn't stop!

Who do you roll with? Redeyez, Switchback, and The Rayne Crew.

Shout Outs: Rayne, Mom & Dad, My brother Nik, My whole family for supporting me! anyone who has ever cheered for me at races! Bricin Lyons, Coast Longboarding!