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North Shore Outlook
September 13th, 2010
After five years of wheeling, Metro Vancouver has put its foot down on a North Shore longboarding event.

The annual family-friendly King of the Forest competitive ride, which travels along the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve trail way, has a flawless record, organizer Lee Cation mentions. He understands Metro Vancouver, which has jurisdiction over the land, has a balancing act to play, but is disappointed his permit application was denied.

“There are (other) race courses that we can secure,” he says. “But this (event) is different.”

The event was aimed at boarders of all ages and abilities, Cation said. It promoted safety and raised money for the Brain Injury Association of B.C. It also allowed beginners to get a taste of competing, as the majority of organized races are full of professional riders, Cation said.

This year’s event was planned to be in memory of 27-year-old longboarder Glenna Evans, who died in a tragic longboarding accident on Mt. Seymour Road this summer. Money from the event was to be placed into a bursary under her name, Cation said.

“The art we are using (for the event poster) is hers,” he said.

The permit denial was not specifically targeting longboarding, Metro Vancouver spokesperson Glen Bohn said. The municipality has decided all organized wheel races — which includes cycling and inline skating — are not suitable for the trail, he said.

“The reason why is simply that the trail way was designed for family-orientated recreation, for users of all ages and abilities to enjoy the forest,” Bohn said, noting the path is too narrow to accommodate races and trail users.

In previous years, the trail was not closed down for the longboarding race, but permits were obtained to hold the event, Metro’s watershed forester Ken Juvik said.

“As the years went on I think the popularity grew,” he said. “There was (an) increasing number of participants and that is when we noticed that safety issues were starting to arise.”

Cation is determined to make a negative into a positive. Although the race won’t happen, he is still planning a fun ride for all interested longboarders. The ride is scheduled for Sept. 19 at noon. There will be a barbecue at the Jaycee Hall (Stables Slide hill) after the ride. Lee anticipates several hundred longboarders.

To learn more about the Glenna Evans bursary visit www.ecuad.ca/support

By Rebecca Aldous - North Shore Outlook
Published: September 09, 2010 11:00 AM

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