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Adam Yates
alias: ozzi, "8"s, mcyateserson, yahtzee.

birth year: 20/06/81

sponsors: earlyskateboards, skins, landyachtz

Hometown: Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, AUZ

favour spot to sesh: Access Rd, BP's, South Van Alleys

gotta go before i die: Berkley, Giants Head, 99 Corners- Gormanston

goals/what's next?: next on the agender for '09 is the IGSA circuit then maryhill then ill be chasing the world title at Newtons Playground at home in Australia.

where we can find you: helpin the team down at the Landyachtz Factory or sk8in round town

go to setup: Dropspeed with Bear Grizzles and Landy Mini Monster 80a

currently reside: living in East Van under the dynamic duo, Shnate and his midget

Best Results: 6th Gold Rush Challenge, Vernon DH '09 3rd place qualifier

Music: anything. theres a beat for every mood.

Website: ,

How did you get into DHskate? i saw the Early sk8 team on the local news and needed to have a go at what they where doin. Skatin was always a part of my grom years. gettin to the surf was either by bike or longboard. longboarding slowely tookover from surfin. hangin with the Early Team was big for me. i was a leech and sucked all the info i could out of the likes of Jeremy Rodgers, owner Early Skaateboards, and Steve Daddow, OG aussi sk8er and 3rd in the 2003 world cup curcuit. always ever competitive, i wanted what steve had tasted on the top of the world tour, hence me moving to van to be thrown in the shark tank with the world best.

Inspirations: my mum would have to be one of my biggest inspirations, puttin up with me as a grom must have driven her crazy. Steve, Meatball, Jez, Mcgoldrick, Kev, Nate, Enyaw and Lagib. these are just a few that are on the top of my mind, however my life is so full of inspirational individuals.

who do you roll with: anyone who's up for some hell gnar thrash, some fast tight bombin, roundin the levels of parkades, hittin the lip in the bowl, ANYONE. Get out and GET SOME

shout outs: Early Skate Team, Striker and the Meatball.