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The 2011 Britannia Classic was a huge success. Big THANKS to all the volunteers and individuals that made the 2011 Britannia Classic happen. Logan Lavoie, Jean-Philippe Tondreau, Mitch Martin Downie, Mischa Chandler, Aaron Libby, Reckless Ricky, Mike Slota, Charlie Tidd, Andy Wlicox, Cam Brick, Wes Sampson, Jeremy Metro, Justin Readings, Bren Davidson, Trent Albus, Andi Millard, Sean Sorg, Ken Leigh-Smith, Jen McGoldrick, Sam Warsh, Éric Charbonneau, Scott Wippermann, Erian Baxter, Heather Slota, David and Jody Smith, Debbie Ross, Rebecca Solkoski, Jesse James, Paul Wright so many awesome people made this 2011 edition happen.

Event: Britannia Classic on May 27th, 2011